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Careers in Aviation

Careers in aviation are many and varied.

As of 2018, the world’s Commercial Aviation Fleet numbers about 34,000 aircraft (including Commuters, Airbus A320s, Boeing 737s, A380s, Boeing 747s, etc, etc) operated by many hundreds of airlines all around the world.

Approximately 500,000 aircrew (most aircraft have several sets of crews, to keep them flying as much as possible, as they do not earn money sitting on the ground).  FACT only about 419 of these Air Crew are currently Female Captains.

So come on ladies, there are huge amounts of opportunities out there to fly and command commercial aircraft.

So click here for some excellent web-sites if you want to be a Pilot

Big Growth in air travel predicted

In the next 20 years it is expected that the World Commercial fleet will double in size to 64,000 Commercial aircraft, and this we will have nearer 1,000,000 Air Crew to fly them.

But don’t forget for every aircraft there are also many other trades and jobs that are essential to keep an aircraft flying – such as Engineering, Airfield Operations, Air Traffic Control, and many, more besides.

So click here for some great information about all the other careers in aviation


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