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Are you nearly 14 and interested in finding out about gliding?

Then visit the UK junior gliding web site.
Whether you’re just thinking about starting or whether you’re already well into it, the site is designed for you.
There is background stuff as well as information on the new junior gliding centres, sources of funding, and much more.
Look around and then find your nearest club and experience it for yourself.


Herts. Scout Air Activity Days at Gransden Lodge

Once Colin (Knowles) had guaranteed some good weather with an early booking and promise not to fly, things went from good to better. 25 scouts and adventurers enjoyed a thoroughly well-organised day at Gransden Lodge in this event which was co-promoted by the Hertford Scout Association and the Light Aircraft Association (LAA) hosted by Cambridge Gliding Club and mostly organised by Hertford Scout Association leaders.

In timetabled sessions the young people worked towards understanding of meteorological matters, air navigation and aircraft flight principles. All of this culminated in a flight of around twenty minutes for each young person. The older scouts were able to plan a route in the morning sessions and have their pilot fly that route to their timings and course.

Most of them found their way back, but as yet one has still not landed at the time of writing one week later (only kidding!).

Thanks must go to all involved in helping to make the day run so smoothly, and to the Cambridge Gliding Club for hosting.

Tony Barber.



From Hertfordshire Scouts

Gliding opportunities – Herts/Camb/Beds/N. London

Over the past few years, many Scout Troops and Explorer Units have taken the opportunity to go gliding with Hertfordshire County Scouts. We have our own motor glider and we can offer this opportunity at the Cambridge Gliding Centre, about 8 miles north of Royston.

Briefings, ground training, instruction and a flight of approximately 20 minutes are included and it is possible to achieve the Scout Aeronautics Badge in a day. Over a series of days, it is also possible to cover the requirements for the Explorer Air Activities Badge and the Scout and Explorer staged Aviation Skills Badges. If required, a member of the Gliding Team can come to your meeting with a short presentation and talk about what an air experience day will include.

A maximum of ten Scouts or Explorers can be flown at each session. Anyone can fly who is over ten years old and under 100 kilos.

If you want to make a weekend activity, then the Gliding Centre has an area for camping and some indoor accommodation and showers.

Visit the webpage to find out further details and booking arrangements, as well as opportunities for adult helpers.

Neil Broughton

Air Activities Adviser – Hertfordshire Scouts

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