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Gospel Aghware has sent details and photos of his work as cabin crew on Boeing 747s with Iraqi Airways:

CabinCrew flyingaircrew VLUU L310W L313 M310W / Samsung L310W L313 M310W VLUU L310W L313 M310W / Samsung L310W L313 M310W


Gospel (far right) with his colleagues on the Hajji flights:-  including Gaetan Berhouc, Amina Mahars, Mihai Apostol, Gina Parejo, Goita, Captain Allen Carter, Captain Ron, Lassahed, Hi-Hussaini, Nuno, and Rihaird.

From Mr. Gospel Aghware

January, 2011

Nigerian Gospel Aghware is a graduate of the Nigerian College of Aviation Technology Zaria (NCAT) Flying Department, and obtained a Diploma Award in General Aviation Safety.  During his studies he developed links with Atlas Air and Polar Air Cargo in the USA, and the LAA in the UK.  He has qualified as Airline Cabin Crew, and completed his studies in flying with Kano Air Ltd in Kano State, Nigeria on 747-100/200 on Hajji Flights in 2009, and currently flies for Iraqi Airways as one of the cabin crew on B747-400.

Gospel says their Hajji flights have been very good experience for him, and that he loves his job very much.  He is excited to work alongside other Air Cabin Crew from different parts of the world. This is his second flying year, and he finds the Pilot, Co-pilot, Flight Engineers, Purser and cabin crew are very professional, friendly and they all work together as a team, and the passengers are very happy with their services.  As part of the job they have flight briefings and make flight checks to ensure safety on board is 100% guaranteed.

In his spare time, Gospel is a professional gospel music singer and jazz drummer with a dynamic voice, a leader and soloist for the mass choir of House of Praise Bible Church in Delta State of Nigeria, and an international travelling guest artist/minister in conferences, programmes, church conventions and university events.

He is a member of several professional organisations, and has gained a number of diplomas and awards for his achievements.

He is grateful to his parents, his brothers and sisters, to the flying departments in NCAT, Nigeria College of Aviation Technology, to Captain Stewart Luck and the LAA for educational financial sponsorship to further his studies in 2006, and particularly thanks God Almighty who gave him life and the gift to make him what he is today.

He strongly encourages every human around the world to believe that dreams can be achieved by believing in God, and believing in oneself.  You can make it if you try, do not give up, do not give in and do not throw in the towel.

I say thanks a million for reading this great story of achievement of mine.

Gospel Aghware.


SKYPE:  eaglesings

Position:  Airline Cabin Crew

AIRLINE: Iraqi Airways




Gospel Aghware with fellow students of the Aviation Department at the Nigeria Institute of Air Travel and Maritime Studies. Youth & Education Support members link up worldwide to help with learning on aviation topics and increase cultural awareness.

Gospel contacted PFA Youth & Education Support in 2006 concerned about the safety record of aviation in Nigeria, and wanting to follow a course at the Institute to gain a job in the aviation industry. Through the encouragement and support of Captain Stewart Luck and friends, he is now a student at the Institute, and with the help of Atlas Air, the students have been sent some maps and models to help them with the course.

Since starting the course, the students have visited Ghana to study air freight procedures.  This is what Gospel wrote about the visit:-

“Our tour to Ghana is a memorable trip I will not forget. We visit the airport and the aviation house over there. We were taken to various administrative offices and where the cargo and goods are being compacted together and send to the aircraft.  We were shown the navigation house and traffic control tower, the runway and how pilots get dressed, their code of conduct and information. We saw various airliners and their crew, their structural way of operation.  It was wild and interesting.

Today we wrote a test on that trip and I did well from the result.  That was the AIR FREIGHT TEST. We were made to know the way fare and freight forwarders, the consignment, the carrier and shipper, how to fill in the AirWay BILL.”

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