Jan 22

Are you thinking of heading South West? Why not drop in to Bodmin Airfield – Home of Cornwall Flying Club


Click on the above logo to begin your adventure!

Between the months of September and April, Bodmin airfield holds monthly AEROCLUB meetings when they enjoy a talk by a key note speaker

Find out about all their upcoming events on the events tab on their website.
If you require more information please contact: admin@cornwallflyingclub.com

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Sep 03


There are rumours that G-TSOG may have had a short hop during testing! More news as we hear it

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Nov 09

The Giant Poppy of Goole 2014

the big poppy at goole

Congratulations to everyone involved in the design, production, and iinstalation of the giant poppy at Goole

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Aug 03

Sebastion Pooley FRIN

Congratulations to
Sebastian Pooley
on his induction as a Fellow of the
Royal Institute of Navigation

“In recognition of his important contribution to the safety of air navigation, especially for general aviation.”

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Jun 23

A National Beaver Scout Initiative

Working together today – for tomorrow


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Apr 30

Flyer live 2016


The UK’s BIGGEST indoor aviation event
2-3 December 2016

 is at the International Centre Telford 



Seager Publishing has stated that the decision to move back to Telford has, in part, been driven by the exhibitors and those that visit the show.
The statement added, “This move will ensure that the growth The Flyier live show has seen in recent years will continue and means that both consumer and exhibitor will continue to enjoy this corner stone of the UK GA event calendar.”


A4 poster download

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May 11


We are delighted to announce that The Spirit of Goole has just been awarded significant sponsorship by the worlds’ foremost and prestigious manufacturer of Aviation and Maritime Chronographs and apparel – BREITLING.!!




As well as sponsorship, Breitling are sending us a brand spanking new “cannot be found in a shop” leather flying jacket complete with the Breitling logo, as worn by some of the most famous aviators on the planet today, and we will keep you informed as to how you might be able to bid for or win this beautiful item.

Breitling has a global reputation for superior quality, craftsmanship and innovation, and is synonymous with the pioneering spirit and adventure of projects such as The Spirit of Goole. They have recognized the talents and ambitions of the young people who will be building and flying in this beautiful machine, and demonstrate the awareness and interest that now surrounds this exciting project.

We still have some way to go, and the campaign to recruit sponsors continues. We are hoping that now you can see the quality of the sponsors we are attracting (remember we have BAe systems, JP Avionics and Helliyorks amongst others as well) that you might be further encouraged to come on board?

We are already close to the point where we can order the airframe and engine, but to hit our critical path targets, we just need a little further assistance to ensure that ongoing funding will be available.

Help us help youngsters achieve something truly inspirational and amazing.

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Dec 05

Cash Injects Spirit At Goole

The Spirit of Goole, which is the latest Build a Plane project in the UK has been given another cash injection to help get the youngsters into the air.


BAE, Andrew Percy MP and Proposed BAP project
BAE, Andrew Percy MP and Proposed BAP project

BAE Systems have given £1000 towards the build, after discussions with Andrew Percy MP, who is a supporter of the overall project.

Staff and pupils will now be rolling up their sleeves and build the aircraft which it is hoped, will get off the ground by the summer of 2014.

One of those already built will be on display in the school grounds during an open evening to show just what can be achieved with a team of volunteers and with the help of a couple of professional engineers who are giving their time and expertise for free.

The project which starts on October 11th will cost 50 thousand pounds. That money needs to be raised by June.

For more information please visit: Spirit of Goole

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Oct 13

Build A Plane 4 Launch

The Youth and Education Support Strut (YES) of the LAA is launching a fourth Build-A-Plane scheme in October at Goole High School, Yorkshire. Pupils and staff from the school will be invited to take part in the project which aims to build a fully operational Sherwood Ranger ST, hoped to be flying by Summer 2014.


Excellent Support by Andrew Percy MP – Brigg & Goole (middle) with Jack Milnes (YES BaP4 Project manager on the left) and Andre Faehndrich (YES Chairman on the right)

Spirit of Goole project manager Jack Milnes explained the project budget is £50,000, which needs to be raised by June next year.

“That will include two years of operational costs, so all the students involved in the project would get to go up in it, or even learn to fly in it,” said Mr Milnes.

The aircraft components will arrive in June 2013 and the build will begin in September 2013. Project members will spend two evenings a week and every alternate Saturday during term-time working on the plane. It is hoped that the scheme will see up to 60 students involved and teachers.

Mr Milnes said, “The project will tie in nicely to various areas of the curriculum, including physics, geography and maths.

“We have three pilots lined up to fly the plane, including an Instructor from 642 Volunteer Glider Sqn at RAF Linton on Ouse and the chief flying instructor at the York Flying School, so the semi acrobatic model could be used for training and we are looking at offering a scholarship for flying lessons.”

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Jul 29

Olympics To Inspire Youth

At least two of the young athletes who lit the Olympic cauldron at the end of Friday night’s opening ceremony had been sworn to such secrecy that they did not even tell their parents about their role in Danny Boyle’s extravaganza.

Sir Steve Redgrave hands the torch to the young athletes who are to light the cauldron during the London 2012 opening ceremony. Photograph: Owen Humphreys/PA

Sir Steve Redgrave hands the torch to the young athletes who are to light the cauldron during the London 2012 opening ceremony. Photograph: Owen Humphreys/PA


The identity of the final lighter of the Olympic flame had been the subject of frenzied speculation in the runup to the ceremony, and bookmakers took thousands of bets on who would have the honour.

But even the families of 18-year-olds Aidan Reynolds and Jordan Duckitt were kept in the dark as the nominees of some of Britain’s most famous Olympians practised for the big moment, it has emerged.

The torchbearers lit some of the 206 petals, representing each competing nation, which spread to all the others. The petals then came together to make a single flame.

To celebrate the 30th Olympiad we have produced a repaint of a Boeing 737-800 for FSX.

London 2012 Boeing 737-800

London 2012 Boeing 737-800

You can download your very own copy HERE

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Jul 24

Cubs Get Kids Involved

Piper Cub pilots and their passengers in Hartford, Wis., were up before dawn July 22, getting an updated briefing before 75 vintage Piper J-3s began launching just after sunrise—heading for EAA AirVenture in Oshkosh and continuing their celebration of the iconic airplane’s seventy-fifth anniversary.

Cubs from the air at Hartford

Cubs from the air at Hartford


The commemoration, Cubs 2 Oshkosh, was organized by Rick Rademacher, a passionate Cub owner and pilot from Urbana, Ohio, and Steve Krog of the Hartford-based Cub Club. Dana Osmanski of the Cub Club headed up the logistics; she enlisted vendors and 85 volunteers to help with transportation and meals.

Weather kept many of the more than 130 registered Cubs from reaching Hartford (Wis.) Municipal Airport in time for the event, although there were 85 Piper J-3s registered at the time of Saturday’s evening banquet, and a number of J-5s and other Cub iterations put the number of vintage Pipers at more than 100.

Cubs 2 Oshkosh certainly seemed to accomplish Rademacher’s objective of connecting pilots in the Cub community, inspiring cross-country group adventures, celebrating the iconic flying machine—and helping to get children interested in aviation and the airport. “At one point in time in the ’40s, ’50s, and ’60s, every kid knew a Piper Cub,” Rademacher said, “Nowadays, kids have no clue.”

One noteworthy exception is the Eighty-Eight Charlies. Participants in the nonprofit organisation’s efforts to promote aviation by giving students the opportunity to restore real airplanes rose early each day to prepare breakfast in Hartford for pilots and their guests. The group takes its name from the identifier for their home field, Palmyra County Airport, which is 88C. The first aircraft restored by the young people, primarily ages 12 through 18, was a Piper Cub.


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Jun 29

Happy 20th Birthday Aeronca

The Aeronca Club of Great Britain was formed in 1992 after an Air Britain ‘Aeronca’ themed fly-in at White Waltham airfield. This was instigated by Alan Biggs who was soon joined at the helm by Roger Jones and then Pete White. The Club grew and established itself as a worthy and very active ‘type club’ which enables owners/operators to keep in contact and meet at regular fly-ins around the UK, with occasional trips to France and Ireland.

Aeronca 20th year in Great Britain June 28th 1992-2012

Aeronca 20th year in Great Britain June 28th 1992-2012



Roger Jones left the fold in 1994 and in 1997 Alan Biggs passed the reins to Pete White who has been at the helm ever since. The Club has successfully maintained that same casual approach but has gained more useful contacts worldwide for advice and spares with the help of the Club web-site (www.aeronca.co.uk), initiated by Bob Swan and now in the capable hands of Jon Turner.

The stalwarts on the committee that assist in the running of our Club are Alan Crutcher, Reg McComish, Rich Valler, Les Richardson and John Colgate.  All flyers of the Aeronca breed a type that is very special in the world of US Classics.

Part of the joy of Aeronca ownership is being able to self maintain the aircraft through the LAA permit to fly system and it gives you the unique opportunity to really ‘get to know’ your aircraft.

The Aeronca Club hold about six fly-ins a year around the UK and stay in touch by e-mail to assist the members and other enthusiasts to make their ownership and flying of Aeronca aircraft to be as pleasurable as is possible.

Have Fun, Fly an Aeronca

Pete White Chairman, The Aeronca Club of Great Britain

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Jun 27

YES Launch Boeing 737-800

We can today unveil our brand new repaint for all fans of flight simulation. This specially repainted Boeing 737-800 is now available for Microsoft FSX users.



YES Boeing 737-800 for FSX

We are a UK-wide organisation, working together with other LAA Clubs, leading industry companies, local education authorities, schools and universities and many others to encourage and inspire young people to take part in all sorts of activities connected with aviation and engineering. The colour scheme was created by John Marshall.

You can download this file direct from our Flight Sim page. Enjoy!

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