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Thank you for your support,

let’s bring Panshanger Aerodrome back in 2018


Thu 18/Jan/18 –Project Phoenix at Galleria in Hatfield

on Saturday 27th & Sunday 28th Jan 2018 – please come and help support Panshanger re-opening

Thank you for your support, let’s bring Panshanger back in 2018!


Fri 05/Jan/18 – Correction on Next Hearing Date & Petition Numbers

Please see this link for an important correction


Mon 01/Jan/18  – Sue Hart  United Kingdom

1 JAN 2018 — Happy new year to all our supporters! We hope you received the Project Phoenix December newsletter which outlined the upcoming public hearings that will be held at the Council Offices on 30th January. If you wish to take part please notify Louise St John Howe on before 8th January 5pm. For more info on the hearing sessions, please go to


Mon 20/Nov/17 – Project Phoenix needs your help – 

We need 10,000 signatures to make a difference – please help support the re-opening of Panshanger Aerodrome by signing the petition –


Tue 19/Sep/17 – It is three years ago since the last plane flew from Panshanger. 

It is also the day that Project Phoenix launches to bring Panshanger back to the community. 

We need your help.  Start now by logging to our website, sign up, make a pledge and join the team.

Please support Project Phoenix –

Raising Panshanger Aerodrome from the Ashes for the Community

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