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Pedal Planes – 2018 Record

Pedal Plane Gathering – Help set the New World Record in the UK.

Sunday 16th September 2018 Brooklands Museum Aviation Day

Following the 21st September 2017 record gathering of 24x Pedal planes at the Brooklands Museum Aviation Day,

the challenge in 2018 was to beat this record and beaten it was.

A huge congratulation to Andy Ovans and all his team at EAA Air Venture 2018 at Oshkosh, WI, USA for creating a new world record of 28 pedal planes. The bar has been set high once more!!..


So help us to win the World Record back for the UK 🙂

We will now need to rise to the challenge in the UK once again, to take back the record on Sunday 16th September 2018 at the Brooklands Museum Aviation Day   We will gather at 16:30 once again, outside the Clubhouse and once we’ve gathered the pedal planes together we will have the usual pedal about the square, to hopefully celebrate the taking back of the record to the UK.

So if you have a pedal plane or two, or indeed three, then please come along for another fun day out at the wonderful Brooklands Museum Aviation Day.

See for some pictures.

Want to know more about pedal planes?..

Do you have a pedal plane or know of one and if you want to bring it along and help beat the 2018 record?.

If so, please contact the Pedal Plane World Record organiser Andre


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