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Pedal Planes

For all those youngsters aged up to about 5 or 6 years old, we have a number of pedal planes fro them to enjoy, and you may see one of the 3x YES pedal planes (2x Tiger Moths and a Spitfire) or you may see one of the large fleets of the Joystick Clubs array (Spitfire, Hurricane, Piper Cub, Mustang, Me108, Harvard);

IMG_5888   IMG_5871


For an information leaflet on where you buy plans, or the pedal planes themselves or for information on the work involved in building a P-51 Mustang or a Tiger Moth, see the links in the summary below;

YES Pedal Planes_20151104

And now for “The Challenge”


Now adults are always saying “Why should the youngsters have all the fun”, so we are putting out a challenge to anyone who would like to make an adult version, possible out of fibre glass, so thatbthe adults can join in.


If you are interested in building an adult version, then please contact andre.faehndrich@ntlworld,com


Sunday 21st September 2015

“A World Record Gathering at Brooklands”

“Another world record for Brooklands”

“In aviation we start pilots from the ground up”

“Battle of Britain Sunday fly past pedal past at Brooklands”

“Green aviation – “pedal power” at Brooklands”

“New pilots ground training at Brooklands – no aerobatics possible”

fifteen planes

Where: Brooklands Museum

What: A Record Breaking Day

When: Sunday 21st September 2015

How: Did you miss it ?

London saw a “flypast” of a Hurricane and Spitfires to mark 75th anniversary of the Battle of Britain on Sunday, but Brooklands Museum saw a “pedal past” that we believe to be a world record.

The Joystick Club from White Waltham arrived and positioned their Seven pedal planes.

Brooklands Museum were the next with their Four Planes, close behind them were the team from Stow Maries Aerodrome with their Two planes and YES providing the tail end with their Two “tigers”.

Fifteen Pedal planes – All in one place – it must be record breaking!!

To finish the gathering the fifteen pedal planes with their very young volunteer pilots then

took part in a circular Pedal past!

This means that the mass pedal past bar has been raised really high now. Will 2017 year beat this new record?.

If you are interested in building an adult version, then please contact andre.faehndrich@ntlworld,com

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