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So you want to be a pilot

If you have reached this far on this web site we think you might be a bit serious about a career in aviation.

We have therefore added a few “more serious” links for you to consider.

A first good link to look at is;

Here you can look to choose either “Military” or “Commercial” flying and via a number of pages you are stepped through what is involved and more importantly if flying is “right for you?” – or “are you right for flying?”. Always very important before you decide to fork out a load of money on flying training.


A second good link to look at is;

Here is a site with lots of great information on becoming a pilot with sections on Help & Advice, Flying Schools right through to some jobs which are currently available. Well worth a look.


Whatever you do, do not give up, and keep trying, and trying again, as being persistent does pay off, and always remember one door may close, but another will very likely open up instead.

YES wishes you all the very best in whatever career in aviation you choose to pursue.

Please be aware that Youth and Education Support (YES) is not responsible for the content of external Internet sites, and if you do decide to download anything from a link PLEASE ASK THE OWNER of the computer first.


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