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Yes Profile

Youth & Education Support
Working Together in Youth Aviation

Please download a copy of our full profile and contacts points here YES Club Profile

We are a UK-wide group and the Youth Education branch of the Light Aircraft Association, working together with LAA Clubs, leading industry companies, local education authorities, schools and universities and many others to –educate, encourage and inspire young people to take part in all sorts of activities connected with aviation, through –

  • Aircraft building projects (YES & Other Build-a-Plane projects).
  • Training in meteorology, navigation and airmanship.
  • Exhibits and activities for young people at aviation shows.
  • Arranging talks and practical activity sessions for schools and youth groups.
  • Arranging aviation activity days for Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, and Explorers, Girl Guides, and others.
  • Production and demonstration of training equipment for navigation and radio communications.
  • Maintaining an independent web-based aviation information centre for youngsters.
  • Providing guidance on a future career in the varied world of aviation.

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